Music Fri, 30 Jan 2015

PJ questions love

Melodiously impeccable! This best describes ‘Which Kind Love’, the Hip-Hop-like reggae track which has regurgitated by Mbwoge PJ, a Cameroonian singer based in Belgium.

“It’s a true love story, in fact my experience which represents that of several other young people. Most of my songs are based on true life story”, the talented artiste revealed.

‘Which Kind Love’ is produced by Suh Clovis and Jay Wisly and done in English and pidgin (lingua franca). Released a couple of weeks ago, the video of the 3.02-minutes-long track will be coming up soon, its author told Tiptopstars.

Before relocating to Europe, Mbwoge PJ had made great in-roads in music back in Cameroon, his country of birth. Amongst others, he worked with singers such as Mel Nova, Linx Tabot Pervy, MKC, and Emkaal. He also had working experiences with Cameroon’s new reggae/RnB sensation Daphne. “I and Daphne have been best friends,” he told us.

The Belgium-based singer who hails from Kumba in Meme Division, South West region of Cameroon, kicked off his music career way back in high school, but wrote his maiden song in the University. He paired up with his close aide, Stanley Tambe to form Dem 2, a two-man band.

In PJ’s next track, he hopes to feature Fly Shadez, another hard working artiste.

Source: tiptopstars.com

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