Entertainment Sun, 1 Feb 2015

Singer Laro chosen for 'Discovered' contest at the Goethe-Institute

This hope for Cameroonian songs will appear at the Goethe-Institute of Yaounde in 2015, with other artists such as Raym' S Kero Banda, Pijenda Band, Elsa M’bala, Frank Elysee Mbok Mbok, Abdias Ngateu.

Following the call to candidature for "Discovered" for the selection of spectacles for the Goethe-Institute for the active period from March to December 2015, many candidatures were presented, of which only 42 were selected (a total drops compared to the previous year).

Thus, nine prize winners were designated by a jury made up of personalities such as Lionel Manga, Monica Nkodo, Chebimfon Muna, Luc Yatchokeu and Faison Hilarion Wirdzeka.

In dance: Zora Snake Company

In Art performance: Frank Elysee Mbok Mbok and Abdias Ngateu

In dramatic arts: Sassayee and Théâtre of Wouri

In music: Raym' S Kero Bandaged, Pijenda Band, Elsa M’bala and Laro
Source: cameroon-info.net