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The Cameroon music industry was built on centralized tribalism

A kinnakablog reader, Mr. Mako Mamme, has expressed his opinion about the Cameroon music industry by stating that the was built on centralized tribalism.

He wrote a very interesting comment after reading a post titled; Stanley Enow - 'I use to help Anglophone artists including Jovi'. Below is what he had to say about the growing music industry.

"Nigeria has a well-organized music industry that was rooted on home base support and excellence in media production.They have tons on entertainment magazines and Tv shows, not to mention record companies and sponsors.

That is the infrastructure we need. The Cameroon music industry, on the other hand, was built on a centralized tribal Douala-only market with a music brand called Makossa, ( although we have over 200 tribes ).

When the fight started with the Yaounde Bikutsi brand, JPS, the only record company in the country, took the Yaounde side and so did the Minister of Culture.

In the vacuum, much credit goes out to the young Cameroon Anglophone artistes who with neither professional studios nor big sponsors, somehow managed to find their voice.

It is clear that Jovi is not supported like the true talent he is by our French-fellowship Corporations..But he rocks ..And the people have crowned him. Stanley is the one who broke it all open and made the entire nation dance to an Anglophone artiste..

Something we cannot do in Political circles..I think they both need our support and encouragement, and yes ..No beefing..There is enough Kati-Kati and Eru for our two mega-superstars.."

Source: kinnaka.blogspot.com

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