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The striped socks isn't bad at all

Hmph! There is a certain kind of male fashion that has been around for sometime. It’s socks. Yes, the striped socks which men have been digging nowadays.

“Your socks should go with the trousers you wear” is the basic outfit rule for men. Unfortunately, this does not go down well with the few adventurous ones. They like to look classic but are on top of their game.

The patterned socks range from thin lines in subtle shades to bright blocky stripes and can be worn for any occasion. But be careful on how you wear it with what you wear to prevent an awful colour blocking.

Looking for something to spice up your everyday casual or work outfit? Why don’t you give the striped socks a try? I bet you are not going to regret it.

Below is a video on how and where to wear stripped or bright coloured socks.

Source: florence naa oyoe quartey- cameroonweb.com

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