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Tilla is Back to Square One

From time to time we all love to listen to something different from our favorite artiste - and Cameroonian artistes of course also fall in that category.

Some time back, we heard news Tilla a.k.a. God Mother (Former NewBell Music artist), was leaving the label that housed and promoted her for a period of time.

No concrete reason was given by her or her then record label (New Bell Music). We were all left to ponder on what was going to happen next.

On November 27, 2015, Tilla took us back to the basics when she released a new single titled 'Back 2 Square 1' under her own record label 'God Mother Records'.

Rap music is all about prowess, lyrical flow (punch-line), rhythm and poetry (RAP). In this new song, Tilla “the lady that conjugates other rappers' past tense” proves she’s the God Mother of Cameroonian rap music.

The song has a different vibe to it though she sticks to her usual street pidgin English, Jamaican Patois, Kamfranglais and as always good word-play.

Back 2 Square 1 indicates that we should all never give up on our dreams, the going might be tough but you gotta get tough and believe in yourself no matter what people have to say. Believe in yourself, your hustle and above all GOD.

No direct shots are given but the message is pretty clear. She stated that “Babylon” is taking our food, fake politicians are taking our bread and killing innocent people, and she stresses that we are one people and will fight to the end.

The song has dope punchlines and a catchy hook that makes you want to listen to the song over and over again. “We dey Bamenda, Boh a Back 2 Square 1” “C’est les punch-lines que tu veux voir”.

It clearly shows Tilla is back to dishing out the good songs we’ve known her to offer. The real Tilla Raps is back.

Source: kinnaka.blogspot.com

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