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Top 10 female Cameroonian artist 2016

2016 is snapping out really quick, and 237showbiz will be presenting the series of Top10’s for different categories.

In an industry mostly dominated by the Male artistes, it is not so easy for the females to stand out. One problem which is easily noticeable is the fact that most female artistes are not consistent and it is not so easy to keep churning out music very often just to settle the demands of the hungry and still growing Cameroonian music Market.

In course of the hustle in 2016 a good number of the female artist didn’t give up, they kept on slaying like slay queens. So it is just right that we celebrate their hustle.

Below is a countdown of the Top 10 Best female Urban Artist of 2016, Find out if your favorite artist is on the list.

10: Tilla

Regarded as one of the top if not the best female rapper in Cameroon right now, Tilla is one rapper who has chosen to do her thing her way with much success. Starting out with a style akin to that of Nicki Minaj, Tilla has over time evolved into a unique rap act. After having been dropped off by her Label New bell Music, it left her with no choice than to be a solo artist and reinvent her craft.

her singles back to square 1 and her Rap song Dope made fans confirm that she can go head to head with the best of them and come out with head held high. With her album expected to come out anytime soon, she’s got more surprises for her fans for the upcoming year.Listen to "Dope" below:

9. Montess

Signed to the Buea based label Track zone records, Montess has been one of the Upcoming female talents to watch out for, her single “DJ play Ma song” featuring Cameroon’s rap mogul Stanley Enow has uplifted her far beyond the ordinary.

Montess has the juice to take dance hall to another level, so far she is already going hard with collaboration from the big guns. Guess what? She is really promising and 2017 might be very adventuring for her.Watch "Love Witta Gun Man " below:

8- Mimie

Mimie has overtime proven why she will remain in the top spot for years to come. Known for her powerful voice and outgoing personality (a powerful combination), she has wowed, thrilled and inspired thousand of people.

Her first single Dance Fi u was an impressive effort which got her most people’s attention. There’s so much to anticipate when her next single hits retail shelves worldwide.

One other detail we just can’t miss, would be the sexy chic’s penchant for edginess. She got it real good! Watch "Dance Fi You" below


In Cameroon you cant talk about dancehall without mentioning the name Ewube, it is officially a crime punishable in the court of music. The young damsel keeps the fire burning with that extra vibe and her killer dance moves that makes her the perfect package as a female Artist.

After leaving her former label Best music, she decided to churn out a brand new vibe with her new label Omega records. Her new single Pop it is still trending and making massive airplay.

She has got all in one; the dancing, her voice and attitude is just one of a kind. Her potential and character is nothing short of spectacular as she weaves her way to the top, her not so long career always has that viable flair coupled to it.Watch "Pop It" below...

6. Mel B akwen

The Buea based Afro Pop diva Mel B Akwen has had a great year, her single Ndele has made mad waves all over the country. Over time, she’s crafted and mastered her music art by slaying it with her vocals that covers 3 octaves every time she belts out melodies from her voice box, the supa girl though great we’d really love to see her more, under the beaming light of her music element as against the sexy which is all too obvious that she gat.Watch "Ndele" below...

5. Naomi Achu

Is it really possible to be a terrific singer, skillful rhymer, clever songwriter, and stage performance guru? Hell yes all of this qualities you will find in Naomi Achu popularly known as Queen of Bamenda.

2016 has let her see open doors in her career from all angles. Her hit single Gbagbe featuring Nigerian superstar Skales has been booming internationally in radios and televisions for a long time.

Naomi achu did not only make a hit single she also made sure she copped some awards too, she did win an award for Best female Artiste in Inspirational music at the Afrima3.0 awards in Nigeria.

Naomi juggles raising a toddler alongside her career demands and still comes out looking take away! Need we say more?Watch "It's My Life" below


Askia now signed to Alpha Better Records has made enough buzz in 2016 with her on and off beef with her rivalry. Musically her single Welcome 4 Kwatta was one of the best Hip hop tracks released in 2016, her aggressive flow and sick punchlines has seen a vast increase in her fan base.

She has seen support from Industry heads such as Jovi and her Panda Cover was too dope that it earned her a collabo with Stanley Enow. Askia has been one of the most relevant and influential female artists of the year, and fortunately enough it doesn’t end there, she has surprise packages come 2017, Mami bakala is coming for y’all get your pop corn ready.Watch this throw "Tat' Obaseh" below...

3-Blanche Bailly

Blanche Bailly started singing professionally in 2015 but gained much attention in 2016 after releasing her Cover for Locko’s romance and later on her popular single Kam we stay.

She has been one of the finest Cameroonian females this year. Apart from her talent and stand out voice she is filled with overwhelming confidence and tips as a talent to watch out for. Her diva attitude, and killer curves and sex appeal seem to be getting her more fans than anticipated.

Her latest song “Kam we stay ” is just class and she always tipped to carry on with that.Watch it below


Putting this damsel as number 2 was probably the hardest part in the selection. I know most of you think she is the hottest female in Cameroon right now and i agree to an extent. She has been arguably one of the best female artists in 2o16 .

She has made her way into the heart of fans with her versatility and a magnificent voice which cuts through several musical genre ,with her music deeply embedded in the Cameroonian culture . In her short career she already released a full swing album in 2015 titled ” here to stay” and in 2016 she earned a KORA AWARD and an AFRIMMA nomination for Best female artist for Africa and for best female central Africa respectively, she went further to win the Best female Central Africa at the Afrimma awards in USA.

She has also collaborated with so many other artists in the industry such as the iconic Ben Decca , Numerica , Featurist etc her ability to sing in both languages have made her standout unique and she has definitely been outstanding enough to be classified amongst the best..Watch "Ndolo" below...

1. Reniss

Reniss has been the lady of the year , her single La sauce has done the Undoable. She’s mature and doing her thing musically at New Bell. Her hit single “La Sauce” is a really solid, very original contemporary track that boomed the stereos of clubs and beer parlors nationwide this year.

She isn’t that little girl who was singing the hook in that Jovi song, “BASTARD” anymore. She’s all grown up now, to diva artist status. 2016 has seen her career change for the better, she is the most booked female Cameroonian artist 2016, which had her get 6 figures for every show.

She didn’t only outshine with La sauce, she released her first studio album with outstanding singles like Dashiki, Pilon and a good number of mind-blowing tracks. Her videos displayed a lot of flamboyant traditional costumes and fashionable modern attire coupled with good tech feats and so much energetic dancing/choreography. Need i say more? Reniss AKA ReRe was the Cameroonian Queen of the year. Watch "La Sauce" below...

THE END, thanks for reading and please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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