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Video: Eto'o song of glory silences detractors

The Cameroonian artist Julio Trésor just committed an album titled "a slam for Eto'o. Julio who is also international channel2 television journalist wants to "make it clear to people that no one is perfect".

The title became contrary to the forecasts of its author, the most beloved of the Renaissance album. "A slam for Eto'o" has become the most patronised of the first musical slab of Cameroonian artist Julio Trésor.

His Videogram is also highly viewed on youtube, specializing in the sharing of videos. In the form of a slam, the journalist for channel2 international television strived to absolve Samuel Eto, controversial icon of Cameroon and world football.

"It is a message that appeals to all everyone to understand that nobody is perfect. "The song came at a time where Samuel Eto is disowned by the public or public opinion over his derivatives or his escapades. "I said to myself, in a moment of life, should we stop to appreciate, to look at the qualities that celebrates legends rather than cling on the negative sides", he explained.

Watch video below:

Source: cameroon-info.net

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