Music Mon, 6 May 2013

Inorie Fotso To Release 'Tonight' Album

Inorie Fotso, an upcoming Cameroonian artiste and daughter of business mogul, Victor Fotso, has announced the release of her first single entitled, "Tonight" on June 5, 2013. This album marks her debut in a solo career that was preceded by her participation in a duo that played mostly gospel music.

Speaking to Cameroon Tribune, Inorie Fotso, said her maiden single will introduce her to the world and showcase her talent through the 'Techno' music genre." "My aim is to represent Cameroon and to encourage and inspire young people to work harder to achieve their dreams. Where there is a will, there is a way," she explained.

To introduce "Techno" music to the public, Inorie Fotso selected two songs from the eight she has written. The messages in the songs dwell generally on daily challenges such as love, happiness, suffering, betrayal, hatred and friendship, amongst others. Asked why she started with gospel music before moving to pop, Inorie Fotso said that her first choice was "electronic music" before an offer for a duo came from a gospel artiste in the United States of America. "The Lord is my creator. I appreciate Him by putting Him first in my projects," she pointed out.

Besides music, Inorie also announced the release in a few months of a film entitled, "Coming From Africa," produced by Blaise Christian Sitchet. It is the story of a young African immigrant in the USA. The movie, in which Inorie plays the role of a young frustrated mistress to the immigrant, depicts life and the challenges that immigrants encounter in the USA.

Inorie Fotso was born in Douala in the Littoral Region from the marriage between Marie Fotso and businessman, Victor Fotso. In 1994, she was sent to Lome in Togo to her high school. She earned a certificate in Business Administration at the Da Vinci International School in Antwerp, Belgium before leaving for New York, USA in 2002 to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA). After the BBA in June 2006, she opted for modelling and performing arts. Inorie is founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the "Goddess Films Production."

Talented, beautiful, fearless and intelligent, Inorie Fotso says the sky is her limit as she strives to ensure Cameroon's presence in the world music arena.

Source: Cameroon Tribune