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Listen to Vumomsé first hit under Calabash Music

Multi-award winning afro gospel dance hall artist Vumomsé makes his official signing to one of Cameroon’s most outstanding upcoming music label, Calabash Music with head office in Douala. A house already with artists such as; Wax Dey A.K.A the King, a cross continental music icon and an award winning artist as well, Stanis, an upcoming super rapper and a host of others, Vumomsé comes in with the long awaited paint to give the house it beauty.

Calabash Music label will for this time be complete for having signed artists with completely different music look and directions especially Vumomsé, an artist whose sense of Gospel Music has not only been preached and recognized within and without Cameroon but has gone long ways into the minds and hearts of artists to release themselves off the stereotype myth of doing Gospel music – Vumomsé is a stone throw to be the called the father of modern day Afro-gospel in Cameroon (a combination of afro funks and gospel instrumentals of drums, snares, guitars etc to make a completely different blend and feeling in Gospel music)

At the bottom of all these, the question of how smooth and fast Vumomsé’s signing with Calabash Music was, is in the mouth of everybody because he didn’t stress after the liquidity of his former label, BEST MUSIC INC. All this while behind Best Music Inc, Vumomsé has been one of the most silence names in the label in Cameroon but was the main ambassador of the label in the Diaspora.

Signing with Calabash Music this month is a sick to the head thing still to comprehend by many. Many have come with the conclusion that, Vumomsé’s signing could have been premeditated probably because his case was the never the same as other artists leaving from a label and stressing on searching for seats elsewhere.Few months back, he was seen on a picture with Wax Dey, in the USA.

Speculations shows that by then, the super star was already hemming seeds and looking for another farm beside the river if the dry season continues at Best Music which at the end, it was all dry.

As a matter of fact, the business man and artist will be making his first move coming this month 27th with the release of his first work, MOVE IT, under the label to be preceded by it official video on the 8th of December. The audio was produced by Djess Panebo and mastered by Slim Beatz and video directed by the very best, Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

Source: kamerflowmagazine.wordpress.com

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