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ISP: Internet Service Providers in Cameroon


Major ISP in Cameroon



CAMTEL (Cameroon Telecommunications) is an ISP reference in this country, with a range of services (connection to a landline, mobile phone, modem stick, modem). It further improves with the current installation in all the regions of Cameroon of fiber optics. CAMTEL stands as the essential ISP beceause it is the state company and now holds the exclusive deployment of optical fiber in Cameroon so he is the one providing internet connection to all others ISP’s operating in Cameroon.


CREOLINK is an expert company specialized in provision of Internet services via fiber optics. Their expertise is based on the features demanded by large companies. They have also developed innovative solutions that meet the needs of SME’s and homes: Internet + telephone + TV


Equacomm provides organizations and individuals with a high-speed and secure access to data, voice and video solutions. The transmission medium is at this time a trivial parameter. Whether you need an internet connection, intranet or even extranet Equacomm faithfully makes available data you want, guided by media (cables) or wireless (WiMAX, WiFi, VSAT plus many more).


Founded in 2011, Foris Cameroon brings the benefits of high-speed internet services to mass populations and operates with the brand name IN, assisting communities in empowering their citizens and achieving concrete development with the use of the internet. Among these assistance, Foris Cameroon intends to partner with Institutes of higher learning’s with the aim of supporting students through the internet, have access to learning opportunities.

MTN and Orange

For Orange and MTN Cameroon, as they are mobile phone companies, their services operate through mobile Internet modems and USB (live box for Orange Cameroon), wireless access services (Hotspot for MTN CAMEROON). They are still "ISP intermediaries" because their internet connection is provided to them by CAMTEL. It is through these two suppliers that most Cameroonians have Internet access from their phones, the connection means very fashionable among young Cameroonians.


Ringo is an ISP that allows subscribers to surf the web with their modem declined in two forms:

- A small useful model for simple web activities (check up emails, information search,etc…)

- A model for fast connections with more complex web of activities (reading videos, streaming movies, etc...)


Vodacom is a mobile communications company providing voice, messaging, data and converged solutions to around 50 million active customers in Africa. They are majority owned by Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies by revenue, and they are listed on the JSE Limited. 


YooMee is 4G internet you can use to get online at home, on-the-go or in your company. They transmit 4G signals from towers all around Cameroon so customers have fast, dependable access to everything they love online. They currently havee 20,000 subscibers in Cameroon on its WiMAX technology.