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Fame Bee Launches Maiden Musical Album

Cameroonian-born Bunyui Fakeh Fame, popularly known as Fame Bee recently released her first musical album titled "For You". The main theme highlighted is love, which runs through the various musical genres like Zouk, Slow, Hip-hop, Gospel and Makossa.

In her lead song "Don't Touch", Fame Bee discourages people from destroying another's love relationship. She targets women who go after men married men as well as men who date married women. "Since you have been gone" highlights the pain caused by separation. It recounts the experience of people who find it difficult to face life, after losing a partner.

Fame Bee's repetition of the statement "I Can Do" and title of her Afro-beat track launches a call for determination in life. Featuring Richard King, it is a motivational song which inspires people to see beyond their weaknesses and aspire for greatness. Meanwhile, "A Chaque Fois" meaning every time is a Zouk love song in which she portrays the bilingual nature of her country by singing in French. Another track 'The way that you love' is about God's love for mankind. He provides, protects and cares for them. Finally, she describes a 'Happy Day' as the day Jesus Christ was born to reconcile mankind with God.

Apart from being an artist, Fame is also an actress, a journalist and script writer. During the launching ceremony in Buea, she did a live performance of the internally acclaimed dramatic piece; "The Virgin's Monologue" written by her father David Chuye Bunyui. The event was organised by Mofor Clementine's Springboard Production, a Buea-based Event agency.

Source: Cameroon Tribune

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